5 ways Retractable Barriers create safe & engaging on-site experiences

5 ways to transform your crowd control solutions with retractable barriers

Heavy foot traffic in any business is good, right? Yes and no. Increased pedestrian footfall is helpful for converting in-person sales and educating visitors on promotions, company key messages etc. The downside? If crowds aren’t managed properly, problems relating to both safety and customer experience can begin. Retractable barriers are essential crowd control components that help users form orderly lines, establish diversions to redirect away from dangerous zones and even support a cohesive brand experience via custom belt graphics on each stanchion. Read on to discover five ways stanchions can best support any environment.

A path to follow

Whenever an area requires traffic direction, a retractable barrier can support safe movement of people throughout any setting. Every location where a queue may be required is different but luckily a Tensabarrier® can fit into any space. Smaller environments simply incorporate barriers in lesser quantities with shorter belt lengths while larger venues, such as a concert halls or stadiums, can apply higher post volumes to ensure event goers are clear about where lines form for ticket collection, concessions or seating support.

Managing Service

Peak periods require options. Barriers from Tensator can be quickly and easily repositioned to control service speeds. For example, longer line patterns can be set up using multiple stanchions to make travel time through the queue longer which supports extra time for individuals to get service at the check out area. Posts can also be set up so that the end of the queue where the person is going to be called up next is farther away from the service points, that way sensitive information is kept private. Either type of set up would be ideal for theme parks, entertainment venues, transportation service desks or in retail shops.

A more permanent solution to guide persons through a queue safely and efficiently could also be a railing. This solution both defines waiting areas but also categorizes them too perhaps to feature disable access points or VIP fast track lines. Transportation services may find railing options especially helpful as some passengers may require longer time for boarding.
Preventing accidents

Today’s population are regular mobile users and that means many folks don’t pay close attention to their surroundings when walking as they’re preoccupied with digital cues. Crowd control barriers are the ideal way to ensure safety on the premises because they are a physical threshold that will ensure attention is paid and danger zones are avoided.
Safety barriers are applicable for maintaining safety for a variety of needs including but not limited to:

• Closing off areas where spills or sharp objects are being cleaned
• Restricting access to restrooms or other areas being serviced
• Construction sites can create boundaries for areas that have heavy machinery or dangerous tools in use

• Retractable poles are used in tandem with relevant signage, safety officers and other in-charge managers can establish temporary routes or detours to divert traffic from unsafe zones.

Prevent access

Special events and conferences don’t always require use of an entire meeting space or facility. Either ropes and specialty posts or traditional stanchions with retractable belts can highlight which spaces are activity in use and which are open for passage, supporting visual wayfinding for guests, customers and staff.

A retailer or factory site may want to use barricades or belt barriers to secure stock rooms while inventory is being measured or shipments are being packed without interruption.

Being ready for anything

Flow for pedestrian traffic can be managed both if you anticipate the surge of people or if you have unexpected heavy pedestrian flow. Today’s venue managers like to ensure extra care has been taken to prevent accidents at highly publicized events like a farewell tour or the like. Something like the Tensabarrier® will allow quick and easy set up for lines leading to entrances, ticket counters and VIP zones. Transportation depots may also like to add stanchions to guide passengers to a new platform or terminal when a departure entrance has been changed.

And so much more …

Overall, retractable barriers are a quick and easy solution to ensure health and safety standards remain high, improve the flow of purchasing, and increase customer satisfaction.

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