Crowd Control Posts & Rope Barriers

VIP Crowd Control Barriers

Lawrence Metal’s selection of classic post and rope stanchions is ideal for special occasions and VIP parties, allowing you to keep foot traffic ordered without detracting from your venue’s attractive aesthetic. When paired with a standard velvet rope, these classic post and rope stanchions can be used to establish event entry lines, ticket purchasing lines or keep attendees out of restricted areas.


Add sophistication to your queuing system with our selection of Rope & Post barriers.

Here at Lawrence Metal, event safety is key, and a red carpet event can still get heavy foot traffic that needs controlling. We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of Stanchion Post & Rope barriers of the finest quality that help you create an effective crowd control and queue management system. All of our products are manufactured suitable for various applications of crowd safety management.

In venues such as wedding halls, theatres, and universities, red carpet and VIP events sometimes demand particular aesthetics. That includes the style of your crowd flow management system.
For certain occasions, other crowd control products such as a plain stanchion with a conventional black post and retractable belt may be the most popular crowd control stanchion. Still, event planners prefer not to disrupt interior design schemes for VIP, red carpet events. Velvet rope stanchions establish effective barriers without interfering with the interior design for special occasions like these.

Here are some of the characteristics to consider while shopping for velvet rope barriers.

Features and Benefits of Velvet Stanchion Rope:

Our stanchion poles are available in a wide range of finishes & styles. Our focus is on helping you create the correct environment for your customer’s wait times.

Whether you are looking for stylish theater stanchions, designing your own crowd control rope barriers, or simply looking at managing customers and maintaining order with style.

The ropes are designed with sturdy cores that allow the velvet ropes to drape between posts in a smooth arc. That is what makes these simple velvet rope stanchions so effective.

While red velvet ropes are the most well-known of these velvet rope barriers, they are available in a variety of colors and materials other than velvet.

The rope barriers on offer come in two different lengths, 1.0m – 2.5m. The two lengths allow you to control the amount of space and slack between the ropes.

  • Velour rope
  • Naugahyde rope
  • Twisted rope
  • As well as many more

Do you need a velvet stanchion rope kit?
To help you, here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. Q: How can I incorporate signage into a traditional stanchion post?

    A: Small holes can be drilled into the tops of stanchion posts to allow for the placement of signs. This allows the stanchion post to double as a signpost, making it easier for customers to identify entrances and waiting lines.

Q: In classic velvet rope stanchion kits, how many pieces are included?

A: Depending on your rope barrier requirements, velvet rope stanchion kits are available in a number of sizes.

Because each rope requires two posts to clip into, you’ll usually get one fewer rope than the number of posts. Then, if you want to include signs, you can add one vertical or horizontal sign frame on the top.

310 classic metal stanchion

Crowd Control Ropes for Weddings

With sites like Pinterest providing limitless DIY ideas and social media emphasizing aesthetic presentation, newlyweds in the United States are starting to think outside the box when planning their big day. “The Knot,” a popular wedding website, has some fascinating evidence to back up this notion.

For example, the percentage of marriages held in traditional religious institutions has decreased from 41% to 22% in the last decade.

Even banquet halls have lost favor among newlyweds, with a drop from 27% to 17%. On the other hand, unconventional sites, such as barns, surged in popularity from 2% to 15%. Couples are not losing the guest experience as they move their weddings from churches to barns and get more creative with their wedding locations. In fact, the average per-guest expenditure has grown from $194 to $268 during the last decade.

A wedding planner works behind the scenes to make these farms, ranches, historic houses, and even backyards sparkle as brightly as banquet halls, churches, and other typical event sites.
Achieving a VIP red-carpet effect is simple, with velvet rope stanchions and traditional posts.

Photo booths, “selfie stations,” sundae bars, reception lines, and even creating the traditional aisle for the bride and groom in outdoor settings are all things that newlyweds utilize these classic post and rope stanchions for.


These VIP rope barriers go a great way toward changing these informal settings into more professional settings.

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Classic Post and Velvet Rope Stanchions Have a Wide Range of Applications

Velvet rope stanchions can be used to control heavy foot traffic at:

  • Proms
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events and parties
  • Private red carpet events
  • Museums
  • Concert halls and event venues
  • Theaters
  • Night Clubs

Velvet Rope Stanchion Benefits

  • Polished pillars and velvet ropes provide an elegant look.
  • Portability due to its lightweight
  • a variety of ornamental styles
  • Velvet rope connection from any direction is possible with this universal full-circumference rope receiver.
  • Setup and dismantling are simple.
  • A solid, weighted concrete base is available.
  • A threaded hole for sign-top mounting is available.