Crowd Control Signs

Crowd Control Signs

Lawrence Metal offers a fantastic selection of sign frames, floor standing signs, and accessories, everything you need to help people to easily navigate where they get to.
Stanchion signs are one of the most important tools for guiding consumers and tourists that often get overlooked. They are also a fantastic way to promote safety, your products, and services while consumers are waiting in line.


Your Company's Signage is Crucial

Retail Stores

According to recent surveys, it was found that in-store retail encounters stress out shoppers due to the lack of notices and direction; They couldn’t find the items they required.
Of course, this makes an unpleasant experience for customers, but it also affects your business when you lose revenue due to upset customers abandoning their shopping.
A simple type of shop signage will create a great customer experience and prevent purchases from being missed.


With the increased worries raised by the worldwide pandemic of 2020 and the crowd control solution being to keep everyone 6ft apart, signs played a significant role in public safety.
Social distancing or capacity mandates have been implemented worldwide, and you will have seen signage everywhere in places like bus terminals, airports, train stations, and public facilities, where navigation directions and crowd control are already in place to manage foot traffic.


Event organizers normally welcome large crowds, but they don’t like the chaos, disorder, and risk of harm when crowds get out of control. Attendees like it when an event, performance, or other occasion is well-organized and safe.

Directional Signs

In several US airports, a tourist may have to walk over a mile to go from one gate to the next.

A passenger walking from the beginning of the domestic terminal to the international terminal at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, for example, will walk a little over 2 miles, which can lead to people getting lost or needing to find facilities.

Given this, it’s no surprise that businesses began finding approaches to queue management and crowd control barriers for a large amount of volume they were experiencing.

Simple floor signs play an important role in these navigation strategies, which can grow extremely sophisticated.


You can rely on indicators like these to figure out which single-line queues, entrances, and passageways work for the functionality of your business.


Increased Sales Through Retail Signage

These Message Signs Let Customers, Visitors, And Guests Know Where To Wait In Lines.
Even though ‘wayfinding’ is easier at smaller retail stores than big department stores, it is still an important part of the consumer experience. Customers want to find what they’re searching for quickly and easily.
Floor signage displaying product brands, categories, or sizes helps goal-oriented consumers locate what they’re searching for without disrupting the browsing experience for those who don’t have one.
Of course, a good marketing strategy can benefit from signage like this. According to some studies, retail signage influences up to 85% of in-store transactions. Good merchandising strategies contain more than just how you order products in your business; they also include a strategic message to go along with it.
Discount signs and notices promoting both up-selling and cross-selling possibilities are examples of smart marketing signage. All of this in-store marketing encourages impulsive purchases, which account for a sizable portion of overall sales, especially among millennials, who, according to 2018 research, make 49 percent of their purchases on impulse.

COVID Safety and Social-Distancing

Many nations have mandated that companies restrict their capacity and keep checkout lines at least 6 feet apart. Without the support of clear in-store messaging, this would be practically impossible.
Barriers solutions at store entrances or service counters and floor signage place these standards directly in front of customers’ eyes.
Because of their mobility, store owners may transfer them if requirements change and their in-store arrangements change.

When Cases are Used for Signage

  • Notices of social distancing
  • Mask requirements
  • Limited access
  • Retail Sales Sign
  • Up-Sell Signage
  • Cross-sell Signage
  • Wayfinding at the Airport

Types of Signs

  • Floor signage that stands alone.
  • Retractable belt barriers with sign tops attached to them.
  • Post and rope stanchions with sign toppers.
  • Retractable belt barrier holders for paper signs.

Model Variations

Colors for Sign Frames
Black, polished chrome, polished brass, satin chrome, and satin brass are some available colors.
Materials for Sign Frames
Steel & Plastic.
Types of Sign Holder
Compatible with retractable belt barriers, conventional stanchion posts, free-standing, and more.