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Add sophistication to your queuing system with our selection of Rope & Post barriers

Here at Lawrence Metal event safety is key. We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of Stanchion Post & Rope barriers that help you create an effective crowd control and queue management system. All of our products manufactured are suitable for various applications of crowd safety management.

Helping you create your perfect stanchion rope & post barrier systems wherever they are required.

Our stanchion poles are available in a wide range of finishes & styles. Our focus is on helping you create the correct environment for your customer’s wait times. Whether you are looking for stylish theater stanchions, looking to design your own crowd control rope barriers or simply looking at managing customers and maintaining order with style.

Your posts wouldn’t look right without our range of stanchion ropes, that’s why we provide a variety of ropes. The rope barriers on offer come in two different lengths, 1.0m – 2.5m. The two lengths allow you to control the amount of space and slack between the ropes.

As well as many more

Our stanchion ropes are available in a variety of different colors & ends, leaving you to create the crowd barrier of your choice.

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