Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable Belt Barriers

Do you have a checkout line, a queue or an event where a safety barrier is required? If so, our selection of retractable stanchions are simple to set up and dismantle, allowing you to quickly build whatever crowd control layout you require.

Each post comes with a long extendable nylon belt that may be used to create divisions and perimeters in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Complex installations are also simplified with these retractable stanchions with four-way line adaptors. Because each pole has three receiving points, changing the configuration of your queue line is as easy as sliding the end of the belt off one pole and locking it onto another.

This functionality also simplifies the process of opening and closing checkout lanes, events and areas.

Reconstruct your entire crowd control architecture in minutes without using any equipment! Our stanchions and wall-mounted barriers have been designed with ease in mind. There are no complicated mechanisms or hardware involved.

From budget-friendly to premium retractable stanchions, all of our products are high-quality and reliable allowing you to outfit an entire lobby, checkout area, or event admission line without sacrificing safety.

Tensabarrier Retractable Barriers & Belt Barriers From Lawrence Metal

Looking for where to buy quality retractable stanchions? Look no further… Here at Lawrence Metal, we aim to provide you with the highest quality safety barriers on the market. Whether you are designing an effective retractable barrier system or looking to cordon off out of service areas. We provide a variety of crowd stanchions that are sure to have a stanchion for you.

Tensabarrier Stanchions are available in various colors and styles with bespoke webbing options available on request. Making it easy for you to design your ideal crowd control barriers.

Whether you’re keeping customers in line. Closing off areas or warning of potential hazards. We have the stanchion posts to fit your requirements.


Retractable Queue Barriers and Retractable Belt Barriers

A retractable belt post is a stanchion that has retractable belts integrated into it rather than a dangling rope. This type of stanchion is an industry-standard in crowd control and safety. They are particularly prevalent in retail line formation since its belt easily expands or retracts to fit specific lengths and line barriers. 

A retractable crowd control post queueing technology makes it simple to manage crowd movement. These retractable barriers are the safest on the market because of a patented brake mechanism that allows the webbing to retract gently and, most importantly, safely.

The immensely popular retractable barrier posts (Advance Posts) by Lawrence Metal are designed with accessibility in mind. They feature a sleek and modern design with a tapered base that allows wheelchairs, strollers , or bags to effortlessly roll over the base.

Simply twist our retractable belt stanchion posts into their bases to create a long-lasting no-tilt line control barrier.

This collection of queue barriers and safety posts provides safety, security, and an easy method to control crowds and lineups of people.

The cassettes house the retractable belts, which are available in a variety of colors, chevron patterns, and sizes.


Quality Retractable Crowd Control Stanchions 

When the general public navigates crowded places, they aren’t aware of how much thought and preparation has gone into their “wayfinding” experience. There are specialisms within architecture and design dedicated to the accommodation of “wayfinding.”

When designing a seamless wayfinding system, designers may be clever with the placement of walls and corridors, or they can vary the color of floor tiles to designate waiting spaces and walking areas without the need for walls. However, much of this wayfinding accommodation happens after the permanent fixtures have been installed.

Retractable belt safety barriers for crowd management come into play here. These low-cost yet effective stanchions are movable and temporary, allowing for changeable crowd control requirements. Complex barrier constructions are possible because of the 4-way cassette receivers at the top of the stanchion post. A passage is established using only a basic belt barrier, with no requirement for permanent structural alterations.

What Are Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchions?

Stanchions are used to keep crowds away from areas where they don’t belong or to guide people in an organised direction.

Crowds tend to congregate around these barriers, which makes them useful for keeping large groups of people apart. They are also useful for controlling traffic flow at events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

Line Formation – Retractable Belt Barriers

The most common application for retractable belt systems is to assist crowds in forming and remaining in a line.

If a seamless pedestrian experience is vital for a customer’s navigation throughout your facility, it may be even more important for their checkout experience. According to surveys, three out of every four customers do not want to return to businesses where the checkout queues were excessively lengthy.

Customers contemplate abandoning their purchase after 8 minutes of waiting. Equally essential is how a person feels while waiting in line. Customers are more likely to identify chaotic experiences with the brand as a whole if the encounter is chaotic.

The most cost-effective and popular solutions to this potentially chaotic client experience are to use retractable security Barriers. Dual-line belts are available for visually impaired queue navigation and are excellent as bank rope dividers. 

Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Safety Barriers

Wall-mounted solutions are utilized in a variety of settings, including an outdoor or indoor event or store, a conference center, or a souvenir shop.

These wall-mounted solutions may be a valuable asset in any crowd control system.

High Visibility Stanchions and Belts

High Visibility colors and printed messages for retractable crowd barriers are available. These ribbon barriers are available in a wide range of high-visibility colors for increased outdoor safety as well as large indoor areas with high-risk factors.

Retractable crowd barriers with belt messages are a convenient way to keep customers or visitors out of construction or maintenance areas.

Settings prone to accidents can include:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution facilities
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Stockrooms
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Rooftops
  • Construction sites
  • Leisure or concert venues 
  • Factories


How to Choose Retractable Barrier

Lawrence Metal has a wide range of quality retractable stanchions available from retractable belt barriers, wall mounted barriers, velvet posts and rope stanchions to portable plastic posts that can be used in and outdoors.

Understanding what stanchion is best suited to your requirements can be challenging if you’ve never had to make a purchase like this before.

That is why our team of stanchion experts are available to chat online, they are waiting to help you understand which stanchion is best suited to your facility. 


What Style is Your Event or Venue?

When selecting your retractable belt stanchion, safety barrier, VIP post or wall mounted barrier, consider the style of stanchion that will complement the décor and architecture of your business or event.

You can choose product details such as the belt color and whether you want a polished chrome post, the retractable belt lengths, whether you need dual-line belts, portable plastic posts or barriers with belt messages or whether you need completely customized barriers for crowd control. 

Determine the kind of post, type of barrier (belt, rope), and colours or finishes that will match your environment by looking around your venue or consulting with a crowd control specialist here at Lawrence Metal. 

Here at Lawrence Metal, we offer a wide range of stanchion posts with various standard colors and finishes available.


Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Indoors and outdoors Plastic Post & Chain Barriers provide safety and crowd control.

Posts built for indoor use are simply not designed to withstand harsh outdoor settings, while those designed for outdoor usage often seem out of place within. High-density plastic posts or rust-resistant aluminium stanchions are the most typical options for all-weather stanchions. Stainless steel, brass, or powder-coated posts with retractable belts or velvet ropes are commonly used in interior spaces.

At outdoor events, portable, weather-resistant post-and-chain barriers help protect the general public as well as employees and staff. 

This makes them perfect for crowd control, perimeter management, and access control at golf tournaments, equestrian competitions, concerts, and other outdoor events.


Do You Require Your Retractable Stanchions to be Portable? 

If you are looking to install high-visibility barriers in public areas quickly, our plastic stanchions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These portable plastic retractable belt barrier stanchions are ideal for swiftly defining perimeters and ensuring customer, visitor, and staff access and safety.

A plastic crowd control stanchion must be able to withstand a wide range of conditions, enhance customer experience and be easy to move around.

Portable stanchions come in a variety of colours and can be used in a variety of industries. Different base shapes support a variety of purposes. The portable crowd control barrier system’s sturdy, flat bases can be filled with sand or water for optimal stability on solid surfaces while still allowing it to be quickly adjusted as needed.


We offer a large selection of retractable belt barriers to meet a range of crowd control requirements.

Weather-resistant belt barrier with 20-35 foot belt with yellow, orange or red post may be the most valuable product for business owners or safety managers in large industrial areas.

For maintaining their retail store’s interior style while keeping organised checkout lines, small businesses or retail establishments may pick the more lightweight and elegant matte stainless steel post with any of 25 belt colours or messages.

A retractable belt barrier stanchion is an ideal way to keep your customers safe and ensure that no one gets too close to dangerous equipment. It can be installed on either side of a door, across a walkway, or even along a wall. The stanchion itself is held up by a strong cable that runs through it and attaches to the ground. This means you can easily move it around if necessary without having to worry about damaging anything.

Our retractable belt barrier stanchions come in different sizes so you can use them for a variety of applications. You might 


What are the different types of stanchion and crowd control barriers available?

Our Plastic Retractable Belt Stanchion selection will complement the most prestigious VIP clients, while wall-mounted warning posts provide clear messaging for safety and ADA compliance for public buildings and events of all types.

Temporary crowd control barriers enable us to distinguish between places that are accessible and those that are not. Fillable bases give stability on solid surfaces and help with bad weather, while traditional post and rope stanchions are ideal for defining valet parking zones or tastefully prohibiting people from entering restricted areas.

Access barriers that are easily visible can be a significant aspect of a company’s accessibility compliance. Our variety of stanchions, wall mounted barriers or portable plastic safety posts with high visibility messaging aids in the enforcement of rules and guidelines in commercial and industrial settings, as well as the protection of visitors, employees, and staff by clearly designating defined zones and access points.


Belt Color Options & Styles

Belt Colors: 12 belt colors to choose from included printed messages and standard colors


Black/White Stripe 

Black/Yellow Chevron


Caution Do Not Enter

Cleaning In Progress

Danger – Keep Out

Dark Green


Out of Service

Red Yellow

Belt Lengths: 7’6″, 13′