Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers

Our range of retractable wall mounted barriers offer a great solution when looking to cordon off areas, restrict access, or alert to hazards. The wall-mounted barriers offer the same functionality as a retractable belt barrier. But without the portability and fixed height disadvantage.

Enclosed in a durable frame with a variety of webbing colors to choose from. These barriers provide a great space-saving option and can be easily fixated onto many surfaces.

All of our wall mounted belt barriers are ideal for various environments. Including warehouses, construction, factories, and more.

Can’t find what you need? Why not check out our Retractable Belt Stanchions.

Customers may pick from a wide range of wall-mounted retractable belt barriers at Lawrence Metal, including different mounting bracket for attachment and protective cases, as well as several belt lengths, colors, and slogans.

These wall stanchions, unlike standard stanchions, allow you to install retractable belts to your walls, pipes, posts, racks, shelves, or even metal doors.

You can use a removable, clamp, or permanent mounting to build the barriers you require without cluttering your work zone’s flooring.

The Safety of Wall Mounted Belt Barriers

Unless you work in one of America’s industrial environments, the number of risks employees confront in these industrial settings, such as a warehouse loading dock, may surprise you.

Trips and falls account for 25% of all warehouse injury claims and 95 million missed work days each year. Maintaining walkways, aisles, and floor space free is critical to avoid these common and serious accidents.

Safety experts consider “proper housekeeping” to be one of the most crucial stages in preventing accidents.

While standard retractable belt barrier stanchions can help with safety by blocking off dangerous areas, wall mounting these belt barriers adds an added degree of protection by keeping valuable floor space free of stanchion posts.

Installing Wall-mounted Belt Barriers to Control Crowds

Nothing is more vital than safety, but these wall-mounted obstacles are also a key aspect of crowd control. When fixed on the wall, retractable belt barriers are very beneficial for public facilities that encounter high foot traffic, operate 24 hours a day, or both.

You may not realize it, but you’ve almost likely relied on the subtle assistance of stanchions and wall-mounted retractable belt barriers to help lead you through a congested airport, train station, or bus station.

High Demand Areas

You may not have noticed the retractable safety barrier before, but they’re used in everyday life. You will have seen them used to keep orderly lines at checkouts or the queues at an airport.

In facilities like this, which experience heavy foot traffic, the crowds never stop, routine building work, maintenance, and cleaning cannot wait during off-hours. These safety barriers are ideal.

Similarly, high-security locations must be kept off-limits (barricades) to the general public while remaining accessible to workers.

Fixed quality retractable wall mounts, which can be extended or retracted as needed, are ideal for changing demands like proper crowd control, queue entrances, and pedestrian footfall.

Popular Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers

Lawrence Metal’s wall-mounted solutions collection features 30+ belt color options, belt lengths ranging from 7.5 to 75 feet, and several container styles or mounting methods to give the most comprehensive product offering imaginable.


Belt barriers installed on the wall with metal surfaces cases are also popular. The strong integrity of this wall-mounted barrier benefits both industrial locations with regular movement of heavy gear and busy public facilities with thousands of daily pedestrians. Nonetheless, because of our low-cost affordable solution, we have been able to offer these high-quality wall mounts to many businesses.

Venues that use Cases
  • Schools, churches, recreation centers, and libraries.
  • Bus terminals, airports, and railway stations.
  • Zones for maintenance, cleaning, or construction.
Case/Mounting Finishes

Mounting Types
Fixed, fixed-removable, magnetic, and clamp are the several types of clamps available.

Choice of Finish & Case Colors
Black, polished steel, or a combination of black and yellow

Case Materials
Metal/Aluminum or ABS plastic

Belt Types

Over 30+ color Options of belts

Belts with Messages
Message belts in yellow, red, and black with black or white cautionary text.

Belt Width & Belt Length
2 inch Belt Widths
7.5 – 10 – 13 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 35 – 50 – 65 – or 75 foot in belt lengths

Advantages of Retractable Barriers
  • Standard retractable belt lengths range from 7.5 feet to 15 feet, and super-long belt lengths range from 20 feet to 75 feet.
  • All belts have a robust herringbone pattern and are fitted with belt-braking technology to reduce retraction speeds and protect retractable belts from damage.
  • Simple fixed wall installation, detachable wall mounting, magnetic wall mounting, or clamp mounting options allow quick and easy setup.
  • As an alternative to stainless steel, black or yellow ABS plastic enclosures are also available.
  • Universal standard belt ends, which wrap around posts and attach directly to the retractable belt, are compatible with all major stanchion brands.