Retractable Barriers: Essential for any business

Why a rectractable barrier is an essential investments for your business

When it comes to venue management – particularly locations with high volume footfall like airports, railroad or bus stations, retail centers or leisure destinations – implementing the most effective crowd control system is essential. Beyond ensuring day-to-day foot traffic is controlled via clear wayfinding and information displayed properly in queues, incorporating a selection of health and safety solutions can support management in a crisis and even help prevent that from occurring.

Retractable barriers are key part of any businesses’ safety & security system but they don’t act alone! Wall mounted barriers, sign frames and digital signage complement stanchions and help create cohesive and safe spaces that are easy to navigate.

Here at Tensator, we’ve been manufacturing the industry-leading Tensabarrier since the 1970s and it’s a fixture in several countries globally and can be found in a number of sectors. Continue reading to discover how our customers are using their Tensabarrier retractable belt post, and why it’s their go-to solution for a variety of safety and crowd control challenges.

A versatile system

Safe customer flow starts with how queues are configured. Tensabarrier stanchions enable users to create a semi-permanent layout that makes the entrance to and path through the queue easily identifiable, reducing confusion, frustration and potential for accidents. They can be incorporated to close off areas that are restricted access only or zones that are dangerous for non-staff to enter. By implementing barriers from Tensator, you can have freedom to create a queue that best works with your traffic patterns – any direction, size works! – and stanchions can be easily stowed when not in use.

As traffic grows stanchions that were once stored can be quickly transitioned to any position in a space to create additional queues as needed, then just as easily moved back into stock rooms when footfall has reduced. This will help maintain line efficiency and safety when crowd gather quickly or unexpectedly.

Utilizing Space

Many public spaces can be filled with bulky but essential infrastructure such as stairways, ramps, room dividers and seating, so when it comes to choosing your crowd control systems, it’s important to select something that’s adaptable and won’t affect the layout of the venue. Versatile and portable, a retractable barrier enables you to enhance a space rather than providing additional obstructions. As a modular system they can be set up in a variety of situations, enabling you to quickly transform any area into a space with effective crowd control measures.

A safe solution

A retractable barrier is a safe, reliable solution that continues to be effective, even in overcrowded spaces. Every Tensabarrier has an anti-tamper tape end that ensures the webbing stays attached to the post, even if accidently pulled or tugged by panicking or younger customers. With this, you can have peace of mind that your systems will continue to perform when you need them most.

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