Social Distancing & Safer Queuing

Manage Crowds & Social Distancing With Tensator’s Queue Management Solutions.
With the Global spread of COVID-19 amongst us, the way people move and how crowds interact is constantly changing, and the need to adapt is important. It is therefore vital that retail outlets, pharmacies, hospitality venues and transport hubs help to fight the pandemic by encouraging good social distancing techniques, and educate staff and customers by utilising simple crowd control solutions.


In These Unprecedented Times Good Crowd Control Solutions Can:

Tensator offer a wide variety of solutions to help with queue management and health & safety challenges during this difficult time. Please contact a member of our team who will be happy to give advice and help solve any crowd control concerns you may be facing.

helps you enforce social distancing measures customers are recommended.

Help queues move quicker so that customers aren’t waiting any longer than the recommended 15 minute waiting time.

Organize queues in areas outside your environment or in new areas within stores.

Provide signage and guidance on 'keeping a safe distance'.

Some Products That Tensator Can Help You With:

Safe Distance Floor Markers

A solution that can quickly be deployed around entrances and exits, general areas and within queues to help customers identify a safe distance to stand when queuing or walking through your environment.

Tensabarrier® Post Top Labels

Customise any of our Tensabarrier® posts with a custom post top label reminding customers of keys tips to fight the spread of Coronavirus Examples of this: wash hands frequently, catch it bin it kill it, avoid touching eyes nose mouth, keep 6 feet apart from the person in front of you.

Road Cone

Tensator traffic cone can be placed in virus drive-up or walk-in testing zones to indicate where people should wait. It has a secure base and outdoor-ready material construction that makes it applicable to both indoor and outdoor use. Can be easily manipulated to create different queue layouts as needed and is compact enough to stow for transport or storage.

Tensabarrier® Facility Post

Ideal for outside or back of house areas, limit customer access or create safe zones for your warehouse staff. The post and base can be easily dismantled without the use of tools, for easy storage and transportation.

Tensabarrier® Post Top Signage

Simply slot on top of your Tensabarrier post to communicate important safety messages with your customers without human contact. Ideal for advising customers to stand 6 feet apart from the person in front of them.

Tensabarrier® Advance Post

Ideal for organizing queues and putting into practise good social distancing in all customer facing environments. Position posts 6 feet apart as an indication to customers on how far apart they should be standing from the person in front of them.

Tensabarrier® Wall Units

Quickly and efficiently cordon off out of service areas to the public. Ideal for clearly defining routes and restricting access to areas that you want to cordon off and can fix to most surfaces either semi-permanently or permanently.